Naked with allergies…

Here is a naked truth about severe allergies – especially environmental ones. There WILL be times when you are naked in inappropriate situations…or at least partially unclad.

This happens when the allergens end up on your clothing thanks to situations beyond your control.

The perfume girl sprays you with the latest body spray with the result that you wilt like a bug under a can of Raid and -if you are lucky – run for the nearest bathroom for a quick sponge bath followed by a dash to the nearest clothing source to purchase new clothes and then another restroom to sponge again and change.

So naked in a public restroom stall.

After this happened to me twice I started carrying a change of clothes and a wash cloth in my car.

(There was a third incident but it ended in an ER. The lady had doused me so thoroughly that my washing did not help.)

I’ve also had to dash for water and clothing due to assholes spraying bleach or cleaner on the checkout conveyor belt, or cleaners on a nearby table in a restaurant or deli.

I would like to note here that people really are this stupid…they will do it no matter how much allergy awareness wear I have on, or whether or not I ask them not too.

The later category are especially annoying as their apologies (if any) or their refusals to lay off the chemicals almost always include the words, “…but it does not bother me” or “Nobody else complained”.

Of course not, retard. I am the one with the allergies, not you or them!!!

I have also ended up naked save for underwear in a vet’s office during an emergency. I am allergic to animal dander and no amount of cleaning will ever rid a vet’s office free from pet dander or hair.

Ironically, I have the same problem in doctor’s office’s and hospitals as I am allergic to cleaners, sanitizers, and even alcohol.

So at this point I wear a fair amount of leather (which is impervious to most liquids, and gloves and a mask.

I find it interesting just how pervasive various chemicals are in our daily rounds. Stuff I never even thought about until I developed allergies.

And I live in the deep South where men and women both marinate in their scents, where deodorant, mouthwash, and hand sanitizer are often freely dispensed in restrooms or at cash registers, and where petroleum fuels and diesel are just givens with all the large SUVs, minivans, and farm trucks.

Antibacterial napkins, wipes, and tissues are also becoming more and more common so I frequently end up drying my hands on my shirt or packing my own hygiene products.

I also find it interesting how more and more studies are coming out suggesting that all of these scents, antibacterials, and other cleanliness aids are actually increasing the number of allergies, superbacteria, and chemically related illnesses in more and more people – especially children.

But as of now, and where I am, everything is dangerous to those of us with allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, and we are all just better off staying home.

At least there, we can keep our clothes on…


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