Lyme Uncensored

Some of you are not going to like my posts. They are not happy, fluffy survivor posts. They are not about cheerfulness and light. They may sometimes be happy, sometimes be sad, sometimes be ravingly mad.

Lyme is a nastyass disease that tortures its victims before it kills them…especially its poor victims, those without that flash of evergreen cash that lets them BUY treatments they need out right and out of pocket. No insurance company in the US, no government aid program covers Lyme. So the rich get treated and the poor die. Or suicide. Simple as that and it does not get more real.

Some of us are 84 so no great loss, huh, but some of us are 4 and that means that some of us will never hit our thirties. Gotta love the American Medical System. And before you tell me to Love it or Leave it – I am trying like hell to leave. I want to live. And before you tell me we have the best medical care in the world, check out the World Health Organizations national health rankings. We come in at number 37 – behind a bunch of so called “third world nations”.

So you have been warned. Read at your own damn risk. And if you don’t like what you read, try to be an adult, okay? Just go away. Flaming me will not change my opinions.

But if you can be rational and actually talk logically then comments of that nature are welcome.

So keep calm, and read on.


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